Connected IoT Devices with our IoT Solutions

We capitalize on the value of IoT technology to achieve your business outcomes. DHS brings IoT products, services and solutions to bring your business into digital transformation.

IoT Data Center

Our new IoT architecture will work perfectly with our products and solutions. Our IoT Data Center solution will present operations staffs with significant advantages of managing the entire environment as a homogeneous entity while being able to monitor and control individual locations. Furthermore, our Cybersecurity architecture can help secure the data even in wireless technologies, like NB-IOT, LoRa and etc for governance issues

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Our Open IoT BMS architecture provides a basis to work as a private BMS system. We are also using open protocol like BACNet, Modbus TCP for integrating existing BMS. Our IoT BMS is also extending further into the environments under control with a host of new IoT sensors and actuators, or Fancoil control deployable within a building to deliver greater levels of detail and control. Besides, the IoT BMS can also provide new applications such as lighting, fire and security with APPS integration in IOS and Android.

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IoT Comfort & Convenience

We propose IoT platform for a smart building which provides human care services for occupants. Our solution is a dynamic thermal model for occupants to have the thermal comfort inside the building.

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IoT Energy Management

Our IoT energy management system enables smart device with Logic builder to take corresponding actions to improve energy performance for energy-saving.

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IoT Safety & Security

Our IoT devices can link up with fire system and safety system to bridge the building fire, construction and tree fall, elderly people unconsciously fell down.

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