DHS Digital-Home-Solutons provided

DHS has developed a comperehensive approach to offer you a full scope of solutons in terms of interior environment, smart lighting, door/gate control, pool & spa control, environmental monitoring and energy monitoring & management.

Interior environment

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning are critical to interior environment. DHS designs the HVAC system in cycling or adjusting the variable frequency to meet your load conditions. A proper enviornment is controller with temperature, humidity, ventilation and pressure.

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Smart Lighting

DHS combines controlling operational costs and energy consumption lighting to be more efficiently, improving maintenance and asset management and provides your lighting according to your selected scenes: from entertainment to night model.

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Curtain/Door/Gate Control

Motorized curtain/door/gate openers make coming and going from your home a breeze. Our system are powered by quiet and powerful DC motors and specially designed for specific door or gate types.

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Pool & Spa

Configuration of pool & spa control required proper design in terms of salt chlorinator, plumbing, electrical and heater with an auto control system with water leakage alert system. DHS offers upgrading or newly designed your pool to improve the usability and safety from alert to control.

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Environmental Monitoring

Your home at our design is catered for environmental monitoring devices like thermostat, carbon dioxide sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, and etc to enhance your personal experience in comfort and relaxation.

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Energy Monitoring

Our energy monitoring system enables smart citizens to achieve its commitments and takes corresponding actions to improve his/her energy performance for energy saving.

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