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Room Temperature is 24 °C, humidity 70%

Welcome to Your"Good Morning" Scene.

Comfort & Convenience


You’re outing for the day. All of the lights turn off and the security system wakes up.All you had to do was press an

As you arrive, the garage door triggers the alarm system to switch off, the door to unlock and the kitchen lights to make a safe pathwayfor you.

Safety & Security

Movie Time

Experience movie night like Theater. Distribute bold 4K video throughout the home.
Enjoy beautiful, intuitive media browsing. And with just one button press, start the movie, light the fire and dim the lights, surround sounds with speakers. Couching down has never been so easy or comfortable.



It is sunset and your house knows it. The outside lights turn on, the window shades close.

Ready for bed? Simply press your "Goodnight" button and all of the lights in the house shut down, the temperature sets back and the alarm system switches on.

Smart Lighting

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